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Yakuza 6 is now available

Yakuza 6 is now available

Kiryu's saga comes to an end with the release today in the West of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. SEGA in partnership with Liquid Advertising has released Stories of the Dragon: The Legend of Kazuma Kiryu, a collection of live action short stories each inspired by a substory from the franchise. Jump inside for the three chapters.

Chapter 1: The Bouncer
Chapter 2: Another Haruka
Chapter 3: Prodigal Son

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Commented on 2018-04-17 14:54:08
"short stories each inspired by a substory from the franchise"

so basically those are game chars?
Commented on 2018-04-17 16:05:22
Mine arrived on 12th April :)
Commented on 2018-04-17 16:30:36
btw i hope they would make 1 game per year again. cus last year they make kinda 3 games(6+2+north star) =((( i want more budget for remakes and spinoffs!! sega must slow down their yakyza team milking....
Commented on 2018-04-17 17:33:44 In reply to Voland44
Maybe spending zero development money on a garbage Sonic game would help too. Sonic Mania was all we needed the past 20 years ^_^
Commented on 2018-04-17 21:33:02
more yakuza pls, i just cant get enough!!! :D
Commented on 2018-04-18 07:04:25
With the delay i hope sales won't suffer because of of god of war. It should ve been released on a different date.
Commented on 2018-04-18 09:04:05
Probably the developer team got in the last couple of years higher and higher budget, due to their "success" especially in JPN.
But i get what you are saying.

Yakuza Series:
- 1 (December 8, 2005)
- 2 (December 7, 2006)
- Kenzan (March 6, 2008)
- 3 (February 26, 2009)
- 4 Densetsu o Tsugumono (March 18, 2010)
- Dead Souls (June 9, 2011)
- 5 Yume Kanaeshi Mono (December 5, 2012)
- Ishin (February 22, 2014)
- Zero (March 12, 2015)
- Kiwami (January 21, 2016)
- 6 Song of Life (December 8, 2016)
- Kiwami 2 (December 7, 2017)
- Hokuto ga Gotoku (February 22, 2018)

I ignored the PSP Kurohyō Releases (Syn Sophia was here also involved).
Probably should have done the same for Dead souls ;P

Honestly i think it shouldn't matter that much.
Yakuza Series haven't been a Major Game Release such as GoW, GT and so on.
Mostly it's fans of the series who buy the game anyway.
Newcomers will probably buy the game once they have nothing "new" on their shelf at home (if they are even interested in this kind of game).
Or if a friend suggest to buy it and so on.
it's just my opinion :)
Commented on 2018-04-18 12:53:39
At chapter 3 at the moment, loving it so far. But it's a Yakuza game, so that's only natural.
Commented on 2018-04-18 14:14:05 In reply to andrewsqual
I'll take Sonic Forces 2 over another Sonic Mania
Commented on 2018-04-18 18:25:39 In reply to AnthonM2
I don't know why you would. Just like Sonic Generations, classic Sonic is too small FOR the levels. He looks absolutely ridiculously small compared to his surroundings, enemies, power-ups and launchpads. It Sonic I Shrunk the Hedgehog lol.

The ONE potentially good thing about modern Sonic games and they screwed it up, TWICE.
Commented on 2018-04-18 18:36:08 In reply to JiSiN
You didn't have to actually humour him, he was clearly trolling. We finally get the 6th and final game in the story of Kazuma Kiryu and that is considered "milking" lol? There are FAR worse gaming sins of milking out there and we all know it.
Commented on 2018-04-18 23:27:32 In reply to andrewsqual
Posted by andrewsqual
You didn't have to actually humour him, he was clearly trolling. We finally get the 6th and final game in the story of Kazuma Kiryu and that is considered "milking" lol? There are FAR worse gaming sins of milking out there and we all know it.
and? 6th yakuza not a 6th game by yakuza team *facepalm*

am talking about DEVELOPERS milking. look at this, they make FULL VOICEOVER only on 11th game! and u know what??? next game(kiwami 2) again with only PARTIAL VOICEOVER... and again kiwami's content 50% have from last game(like 0 to kiwami 1, and now 6 to kiwamu 2). well copypasting is klearly most noticable thing in the series(we have proper evolution only between 2 and 3, 5 and 0, 0 and 6. so only 3 huge steps for 13 years! all others Yakuza's are basically are low budget...). at least we all love the series for stories, in first place lol

so my point is - they expand developer's budget not for making better games, but for making more games. thats my problem with sega. as a yakuza fan i really HATE them. even yakuza game per year, is too much(one Yakuza game per 1,5-2 year will be better for game quality). but im ok with it. BUT LOOK HOW MUCH THEY MAKE FOR LAST YEARS!!! *_* so yeah, if u dont see there some "milkin" u clearly blind person
Commented on 2018-04-18 23:50:52
at least i hope full voiceover will return in yakyza 7, 8, 9, etc...

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