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What's up?
  • Seth
    Seth @nostradamus: well yeah for good or for bad they went away from initial idea of the series with the last 2 games. (1 Hour ago)
  • Seth
    Seth @GriftGFX: oh lack of content has not been an issue on Ubi's games in a long time. ;p If anything, this time they have improved their side quests. (1 Hour ago)
  • nostradamus
    nostradamus @Seth: how can on come from the pillars of parkour and assassination sneak mission, to barren no platforming dark souls action lite, i can't comprhend. why call a main ass creed anymore, its derivativ (1 Hour ago)
  • GriftGFX
    GriftGFX @Seth: If anything I've heard that Odyssey compounds those issues. I've heard plenty of people say that there's TOO MUCH content. (7 Hours ago)
  • Seth
    Seth I'll keep playing once per week, but the Ubi's usual world building, gigantic maps filled with crap is not changed since last gen and is kinda off putting. (8 Hours ago)
  • Seth
    Seth @AndreasZ94: i do like the more responsive controls of the main characters, but the world is lifeless coming from RDR2, horse controls and animations are laughable and generation behind competition. (8 Hours ago)
  • Seth
    Seth @AndreasZ94: I did tried AC odyssey for a few hours. It's weird, that game is extremely pretty (on PC) and i like some of the side quests and the dialogue choices. (8 Hours ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood GSY is getting some nice content at 3 pm CEST with our July podcast and some videos of the Deus Ex Mankind Divided preview build. :) (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood For once we'll be live at 4:30 pm CEST. Blim should not even be tired! (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood More Quantum Break coverage coming in a few hours, 9:00 a.m CEST. (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood We'll have a full review up for Firewatch at 7 pm CET. Videos will only be tomorrow though. (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood Tonight's livestream will be at 9:15 GMT+1, not GMT+2 as first stated. (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood New GSY Live dedicated this time to Just Cause 3 on Tuesday 9:30 GMT+2 (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood Join us tomorrow at 10 pm GMT+2 for a new livestream. We'll be playing Rise of the Tomb Raider. (> 3 Months ago)
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